Banished Failure Chapter 11 Release

Hi all!

I recently noticed that someone has posted a review of this series on Novel Updates! It may not be my place to say this as the translator, but it felt kinda cool to see that, knowing that it may not have existed if I didn’t choose to translate this series. And that’s my reaction to just one review! If this series ever gets a wiki, I might actually collapse in shock.

The most fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) part of translating a series that’s never been translated before is, of course, handling the proper nouns. I mentioned this on the note in Chapter 5, but deciding on “Duskmarked” as the translation for「黄昏人」took me a while, especially since the literal translation “Twilight Man” or “Twilight Person” is really… really weird. And I say it’s nerve-wracking because once I decide these names, that’s what the readers (you guys) are gonna know those concepts by. And like I mentioned about the wiki before – if that happens, it makes me wonder if my translations will wind up there as the names for those pages. I know I’m probably (definitely) getting ahead of myself, but I do that a lot.

Also, watching the site stats is fun – this series is the only one that ever shows up on them. The other two series on this site don’t even come close.

Anyway, that’s a lot of rambling, so I’ll cut this off here. Without further ado, allow me to present chapter 11 of Banished Failure.

And as always, thanks for reading!

– A